Shopify Plus Vs. Magento Enterprise: 4 Reasons Why Magento Enterprise Is A Good Option For TheEnterprise Business

Shopify Plus Vs. Magento

Are you an entrepreneur who owns an online enterprise business and wants to enhance its growth? If yes, you need to consider using enterprise e-commerce platforms. Internets will allow you to choose one that will match your business needs. However, selecting a great platform can be a challenging task. Some two great platforms will work well for your business. Shopify plus and Magento enterprise are among the best. They care for their customers’ needs by assuring to boost sales. Magento enterprise stands out to be a winning platform for the enterprise business because of the following reasons:

Magento enterprise pricing

Small business owners fail to start the e-commerce business because of lack of enough dollars to use an enterprise e-commerce platform. However, for the large business, things are different. The retailers are willing to pay for any amount of money as long as the platform has advanced features. Magento enterprise is an open source platform which comes with higher pricing as compared the fully-hosted platforms. It will charge you an amount of $ 20,000 per year. If you demand the advanced services, you will have to add some amount.

Magento marketing tools

An excellent and quick way to increase your sales is by marketing your products. It is the only way to reach potential customers with ease. With Magento enterprise, you will be on a better side because it will allow you to market at little or no cost. It is excellent when it comes to enhancing your online store on search engines. Because of its customization feature, you will easily add high-quality content as well as images. Also, this platform has SEO plugins that will simplify the Meta tags and navigation.

The good thing about Magento enterprise is the multi-store management feature. It will allow you to manage multi-brands from a single interface which will reduce errors.

Managing international locations

Again, the Magento enterprise beats Shopify when it comes to selling across foreign countries. It will handle all your brands in one place. Also, it comes with a multi-currency feature to allow global customers to make purchases.


If your primary goal of starting an enterprise business is to increase sales, you need to ensure that your online store can grow. You can only achieve this by having the scalability feature. Magento enterprise is highly scalable to enable you to sell globally without worries of the store collapsing. The store will handle a massive amount of work.

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