Shopify Plus Vs. Magento Enterprise. 3 Reasons Why Magento Enterprise Is a Leading MarketingPlatform

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Do you want to win a massive number of customers quickly? If yes, you need to consider marketing your products. As you know, you cannot provide high-quality products and wait for customers to search for you.  You need to look for great ways of reaching them. However, the process of marketing can be tiresome and cost you millions of dollars. Thus, you need to use an enterprise e-commerce platform that will allow you to market at little or no cost. Magento enterprise is excellent when it comes to marketing. Let’s have a clear view of why you need to consider it when marketing your products:

Magento enterprise SEO

In current days, search engines are becoming the best places to search for potential customers. Millions of customers believe that Google will not direct them to the sketchy online store. Thus, they use it daily hoping to find a trustworthy seller. In this essence, you need to use Magento enterprise to enhance your store ranking. Because it is an open source enterprise e-commerce platform, you will get the freedom of adding a third-party SEO solution. With this, customers will always find your products at the top of search engines. But many retailers believe that looking for a third party can cost more money. If you have the skills to perform coding, you can build a third-party solution from the scratch which will not charge you more.

The good thing about Magento enterprise being open source is the ability to add high quality and unique content. With this, you will enhance ranking.

Share email

Customers love the retailers who show interest. You can use Magento enterprise if you want to drive traffic. It will give you the ability to add an option to send email to friends. The refer email will be an opportunity to expand the reach of your brand. You can easily tell your customers when you have new products and also send them incentives which will allow them to make purchases and save money.

Multilingual feature

Marketing is a process where you will convey a message to your customers. And because you want to reach both international and local customers, you need to ensure that you have the multilingual feature on your online store. Magento enterprise is excellent because of this feature. It will allow you to tell the customers more about your products through the use of different languages.


Magento enterprise and Shopify plus are great marketing enterprise e-commerce platforms. However, Magento enterprise becomes a winner. Although the Shopify plus has the SEO feature, it cannot beat the Magento enterprise.